Breaking the Learning Barrier for Underachieving Students

By George D. Nelson

Little compares to the thrill of seeing a young mind come alive with wonder. But despite the best efforts, there are always students who seem unreachable, unteachable. So what can educators do to make learning fun and rewarding for all students?

Breaking the Learning Barrier for Underachieving Students provides a strong theoretical understanding of learning styles, focusing on at-risk, or "dramatic" learners, and why traditional teaching methods fail to meet their educational needs. Offering innovative yet practical teaching strategies, disciplinary policies, and lesson plans designed to engage even the most reluctant learners, Nelson demonstrates the importance of the principles that guide his groundbreaking work with at-risk students.

- Learning requires active involvement, participation, and effort from the learner
- Learners need dramatic elements to gain meaning and inspiration
- Teachers must consider the values and preferences of the learner
- Learning must be fun


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