Shipley Communication works to give your organization results by design. Shipley custom tailors each intervention to match your needs. All training programs have been built around a proven learning model that creates real and lasting results. This 4E learning model, researched and created by Brent D. Peterson, Ph.D., has been proven to incorporate all elements which ensure the highest level of retention and application of knowledge.

For 29 years the Shipley name, has been recognized as a national leader providing unparalleled business and technical writing, leadership, and consulting solutions. Shipley was re-established in 1997, following a 1994 merger with Franklin Covey Co. The techniques used by Shipley have been proven to provide effective solutions for thousands of clients world-wide ranging from Fortune 1000 companies, governmental agencies, non-profits, and newly minted start-ups. In 2004 Shipley Communication became an independent company continuing to offer powerful and dynamic human solutions.