Meeting My Future

By Christopher Coyne

Meeting My Future

“A close friend, who shares my passion for personal growth and development, suggested I replace him as a 4-Lenses facilitator for my organization, the I.G. Brown Air National Guard (ANG) Training and Education Center. Considering my future goals of working with or forming a life-enriching company that offers this type of experience, I enthusiastically accepted. The first step was certification in Salt Lake City.

The certification was excellent. Having the opportunity to collaborate with new friends and experience the 4-Lenses and Temperament Intelligence classes, guided by an incredibly passionate person, left an indelible mark on me. Some time has passed for me since that initial encounter and I’ve found myself incredibly fortunate to be able to offer these lessons to our newest officer candidates, as the Superintendent for the Air National Guard (ANG) Academy of Military Science.

In this particular educational environment, we focus heavily on leadership skills needed to be successful in the military, with the dynamically evolving threats of the 21st century and beyond. An obvious strength of successful leaders is being able to connect with the people they lead and serve with. 4-Lenses Temperament, in no small way, provides a unique perspective on the gifts each bring to the table. I leave each class with a tremendous sense of connection between myself and the student body. Quite often, the dialogue extends beyond the allotted time…many times, beyond graduation day. People are truly moved by the experience. It is transformation at its best…”

— Christopher Coyne