United Way of Central Maryland

Transformational Leadership Training

United Way of Central Maryland Following a full organizational assessment, United Way of Central Maryland made the decision to create an in-house dynamic leadership program tailored to growing leaders internally. They partnered with Shipley Communication for a long-term certification process to ensure their capability to both train and coach current and future UWCM leaders. The full intervention incorporated four months of leadership training. Following the training, each participant received four personal coaching sessions where they incorporated self-leading competencies and characteristics. They, in turn, received coaching in implementing these same principles with others. Organizational and behavioral measures were collected throughout the full process. United Way of Central Maryland continues to successfully implement leadership training and coaching throughout the organization. They are also creating positive influence within their national affiliate, United Way of America.

Managing through all Lenses

“I guess one outcome or result of the training for me was transformational. Once I am able to determine someone's temperament through the four lenses process, I'm able to communicate in a manner that is more effective for both the staff person and for myself. A perfect example being with a current staff member in a recent exchange. Prior to really focusing on what the four lenses temperament assessment meant, I would communicate in my crazy style, in being an Orange, was sometimes lacking in terms of the direction the employee needed. I was communicating in a manner that clearly was not working, as I was not seeing the tasks accomplished that I needed to have accomplished. Once realizing they were a Gold, I was able to give them the structure and directions necessary to see a real change. When I laid out exactly what was needed, with all the appropriate parameters (instead of leaving it up to them to determine)it got done exactly as needed and on time. I attribute this directly to my learning's through your training. I am still a "crazy orange" but I certainly realize, my style of communicating is not always the right way.”

— Larry Coons

United Way of Central Maryland