Four Lenses™ Kit

The Four Lenses™ Workshop has strengthened marriages, opened the lines of communication between children and parents, reduced personal misunderstandings, and generally helped individuals communicate with others in a way that fosters mutual understanding and acceptance.  LEARN MORE

Four Lenses™ Unfolded

By reading and applying the principles from the Four Lenses Unfolded by Nathan K. Price, you will be able to understand anyone in the world, motivate reluctant people, communicate with power, succeed in your occupation, strengthen leadership abilities, reduce stress and conflict, parent complicated children, guide troublesome teenagers, teach difficult learners, and create sensational relationships.  LEARN MORE

Family Thrival: Insights on Parenting Styles Kit

Family Thrival: Insights on Parenting Styles reviews the parenting styles of each personality type. As you read through these pages, you'll immediately find something from each style that applies to you because, when it comes to parenting, we often find ourselves doing things that may not necessarily reflect our natural preferences.  LEARN MORE  

Kit Includes: Family Thrival Guidebook, CD (Audio Tracks and Instruction for PC), Insight Discovery Cards (Child), Insight Discovery Cards (Youth)

Empathetic Teaching

Consider many of the great teachers who have changed the world by the might of their examples and their love of students and learning. 
As you read this book, your heart will be drawn out in gratitude to those empathic teachers who changed you through the educational gifts they bestowed in your own life.  LEARN MORE

Breaking the Learning Barrier for Underachieving Students

Breaking the Learning Barrier for Underachieving Students provides a strong theoretical understanding of learning styles, focusing on at-risk, or "dramatic" learners, and why traditional teaching methods fail to meet their educational needs.  LEARN MORE